Yoga for weight loss

10 Jul 2012, 14:49
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The effectiveness of yoga in loosing weight has not been proved yet. Nevertheless, the collection of long-term eastern practice is gaining popularity both in the CIS and abroad. It's because the mission of these procedures is to improve not only the physical condition of a person, but also his spirit.


That's why yoga adjust your body and soul to the correct, uniform rhythm. After the normalization of the metabolic, improving the shape is a logical continuation of the transformation of man. Stated succinctly, yoga does not help to fight with an obesity but with the reason of excess weight. As a result, you get healthy organs, strong immunity, proper metabolism and, therefore, a good overall condition.

Yoga for weight loss

Types of yoga


Before you start doing exercises, you should tune in to the laborious process which requires a physical effort and emotional readiness. Instead of traditional aerobic exercises, asanas (yoga exercises) requires the use of all groups of muscles. This fact is essential for fat burning.


Yoga for everyone: interesting facts



1.  Rocking in the hand. Sitting on the floor, turn your knees bent legs to the right and put together your arms over your head. Take a deep breath, then exhale to swing your torso toward the toes. Repeat the exercise, tapping the left side of the body.


2.  "Grasshopper". Lie on your stomach so that the chin touch the floor. Pull your hands at your sides, fists clenched tightly. Toes should be extended. Make a deep breath, pull your right leg to its maximum height. After a pause, put down the foot and exhale. Repeat with the left foot, then with both legs simultaneously.


3.  The slope of the feet in a standing position. Place the straight legs wider than shoulder width, and put together your hands behind your back. Take a deep breath, exhale, bending your head first to the right, then to the left knee.


4.  "Plow" ("Birch"). Lying on your back, lift your legs and back so that your arms the support your body (hands are on hips). Inhale, then exhale, let down her legs behind her head so that the elongated toes touched the floor. Straighten after deep breath for a few seconds. At the same, your back time should touch the floor slowly, vertebra by vertebra. Dropping back, hold your legs over the body so that they are perpendicular to the floor. Deeply breathing, slowly lower your legs while you exhale.


5.  Udine. Lying on your back with legs extended, inhale deeply and while exhaling bend at the knee right leg. Holding your breath, hold your knees to the stomach. After that, exhale slowly, return the leg to the starting position. Repeat with the left foot, then with both legs simultaneously.


6.  "Onions". Lie on your stomach, bend your legs behind your back so that you can grab the ankles with your hands. Take a deep breath, lift your legs and bend your back. Hold your breath and while exhaling slowly lower your feet on the floor. If it is hard for you to reach your ankles by hands, you can use a handkerchief tied to the feet (burning, towel, strap).


7.  "Cobra". Lie on your stomach, putting your hands on the floor at chest level. Feet are firmly shifted, toes are straight. Inhaling, lift your upper body so you can rely on your hands. The back should be arched at the same time, and the feet remain stationary. Throw your head back and for a few seconds hold your breath. Exhale and return to starting position.

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