Yoga for the back: the pleasure and benefits

3 Jul 2012, 16:36
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There are a lot of different reasons behind back pain. It can be the sedentary lifestyle, some trauma, your overweight and advanced age, your job that requires a permanent stay in a standing position. For some people, conditions of the spine is so bad that they can not afford even the upright in full view. But it doesn't matter what is the reason behind your illness . Yoga for back is able not only to return you to normal life, but also to prevent the recurrence of problems. It's particularly important for those, whose spine and muscular frame had deteriorated after a certain disease.


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Mardzhariasana (a sipping cat). By embarking on the heels and exhaling, send your chin toward the chest while arching your back. With the inhalation you get your head back, bending the back to the floor. The eyes should be directed to the ceiling. The exercise continues for three minutes. Afterwards, turn your head and hips to the sides for a couple of minutes. Both parts of the body should move in one direction.





Pavanamuktasana. While lying on your back, bend one leg at the knee and bring it up to your chest with arms. By touching of your forehead and the knee, hold your breath as long as possible. After that put down your head on the floor first, then the leg. Repeat the exercise with the other foot, then with both legs.


Right angle

Right angle. Lie on your back and lift the legs so they were at right angles to the floor. The shoulders at the same time should be in a relaxed state, and your hands pressed to the floor. Pull your fingers away and don't forget to breathe evenly. If this exercise is difficult for you to do, you can do it with support. To do this, sit sideways to the wall, bend legs and lie on your back, slowly pivoting your face to the wall. Now take a pose of "right angle", leaning on the wall. You need to stay in this position for a few minutes.





Salabhasana (Grasshopper pose). Lying on your stomach and holding hands on the hips, feet pressed to the floor. Raise your hands for 20-30 cm, and keep them parallel to the floor and arches her chest forward. The back with the bend. Hold in this position should be no longer than a few seconds, slowly inhaling and exhaling. Repeat the exercise three times.




Savasana. This element of yoga for your back is probably the easiest. Lying on your back, arms and legs allot to the side at an angle of 45 °. The spine at the same time should be as straight as possible. For better results, you can put your head under a small pillow and under your knees you can put some roll or bundle of blankets. When the posture is adopted, we stay in this position till the total relaxation.


When doing these exercises you need to listen to your body. If after some of the poses of yoga you feel pain, the exercise should be deleted from your list. Otherwise, the treatment can lead to poor health and a new injury.


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