Yoga for everyone: interesting facts

25 Jun 2012, 17:56
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Word “Yoga” in Sanskrit means “union”, “unity”, “merges”. These words could not be better to describe a bottom of ancient practice originated more than 5000 years ago. For all practitioners yoga is a work with a mind, body and soul for a purpose of its unity.

yoga for everyone


When all these important elements are in a harmony human is happy, pacified and healthy. But in case of disturbance of such balance it may cause many different problems, starting with dissatisfaction with a life and finishing with serious diseases. For all lays of society yoga is not only a panacea from different diseases, stresses and even ageing, but also a walk of life which may help people of different social classes and age to enjoy life.  Nowadays this fact became more popular in developed countries. But in most Asian countries it was always been so.


We can find a lot of information on this doctrine today. Yoga surrounded herself with controversy of east and west, about reincarnation and shamanism. Nevertheless, the number of practitioners is increasing and there are even Finnish bears and American soldiers among there. New York inhabitants do yoga on the Time Square Street. 


Bikram yoga will make you sweat


Here are the several facts about this controversial doctrine:


1. Yogi can hold a breath for a long time, for example for a whole hour. That is why beginners of free diving (people who can dive without scuba gear and spend maximum time under water) after a week of yoga can hold their breath for 3 minutes.


2. Certificates of yoga are found in archaeological excavations not only in India but also on the ground of ancient civilizations in Latin America.


3. Yoga is one of the most effective gymnastics for a pregnant. It prepares woman to childbirth and also facilitates the communication of future mother and a baby during pregnancy. This fact is approved by doctors.


4. U.S. Army recommends to practice yoga in the morning instead of a workout. In Russia yoga is used for training divers, astronauts, rescue workers, scouts.


5. Muslims are also practising yoga in spite of the fact that India religion is the base of it. Nevertheless, Islam permits practising yoga as a kind of gymnastic for a physical growth. No any mantras permitted.


6. Wisdom of yoga says that there is nothing impossible in the world. The secret is that to achieve difficult goal to just need a little more time. 


Yoga for dudes


7. The most difficult and important pose in yoga is Shavasana (in translation – “pose of dead”). To do it you need to lay down your back, to spread out your hands to the side, relax the shoulders and freeze for 15-20 minutes. In this moment all the energy is directing to a place inside of you which was existed even before your first breath and will exist after the last breath.


8. For those who want to look good the hatha-yoga is recommended. This is the initial phase to a yoga studying. It lasts about 7-8 months and increases the attractiveness of the person.


9. Bear Mimi, who was born in the Finnish zoo, constantly doing the asanas, evoking delight and amazement of the visitors.


10. The 21st June is the longest day in the year – thousand of New-York people did yoga marathon.  Started in the centre of the city on the Time Square Street it has continued for a whole day.   

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