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5 Jul 2012, 14:41
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Today any self-respecting fitness club has got workouts that include a variety of yoga types. But this is a real test for beginners: you are not only finally tore yourself from the sofa and decided to take up yoga but also need to understand the whole pile of obscure terms, and to choose special kind of exercises. Moreover, the schedule of millennia-old tradition yoga types coexists with the most modern which was developed in our time.

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No wander of having dizzied from such variety of trainings. Don`t be lazy to study a variety of yoga if you seriously decide to discover its world. If I decided to tell you about all kinds of yoga, which currently exist in the world, then I'd have to write an entire thesis research. In addition to the sophisticated yogic practices, which exist since ancient times, new types are developing every day.


Of course, this happens because of the phenomenal flexibility of yoga tools. Today even a special yoga for facial muscles has appeared! In this article, however, I would like to focus only on the most popular types of yoga.


Taoist yoga


Hatha Yoga ( haţha ― «force») ― is the doctrine of the harmony that is achieved in two ways: physically (diet, asanas, mudras) and spiritual (meditation, pranayama, high concentration). This type of yoga is usually advised for those who want to achieve visual appeal.


Ashtanga yoga  will require you to great physical fitness. This is an excellent answer to those who think that yoga is a slow and monotonous activity. Ashtanga has dynamic and fast pace. This term in Sanskrit refers to the promotion of the eight stages of spiritual towards the ultimate goal. This type of yoga is perfect for those who want to combine an active physical development and work on their spiritual world.


Iyengar Yoga  is designed for those who are primarily concerned about the perfection of the body. It focuses on correct performance of asanas and their long-term retention. The individual approach to every student is practised in this type of yoga. Various consumables are used to assist in the performance of yoga: various straps, bolsters, blocks, which help to fix a static position of the body and distribute the energy properly.


Birkam yoga is a very interesting and unusual type of practice. All asanas are performed continuously in a room heated to about 40 degrees Celsius. You sweat profusely during the workout which allows you to clear your body of toxins and various contaminants. As a result you have a clean body and a bright mind!


Sivananda Yoga pays particular attention to relaxation. All asanas and breathing exercises performed in a relaxed state that allows a qualitatively transform the mind and develop your body.


Kundalini yoga is aimed to give understanding and to develop their latent abilities and to release of internal energy. There is a lot of work with the chakras. It makes sense to choose the kundalini if you want to change something in your life.

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