Taoist yoga

6 Jul 2012, 18:35
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Finding a harmony is very live issue. Modern people pay attention to work than to rest and interact with nature. Moreover, character of the resting is also quite lean and doesn`t offer real repose of the soul. In result you can get a constant stress, illness, bad mood and poor health.

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Let`s turn to sages practice of Ancient China to get an inside harmony and to relax!


People love to create obstacles for themselves. In the result of such unconscious and nerve life blocks are created, which are impeding the free flow of vital energy Qi. All of our negative emotions (especially not expressed as a smouldering resentment at someone) take part in building of blocks and obstacles of life-giving flow of positive energy. Taoist Yoga exercises are intended to release the energy, remove blocks and return the person in a state of harmony.


All movements in the Taoist yoga are performed gently and smoothly so it is best to implement them in the evening. It's so easy to relax and enjoy the movement here. After training, you will get a nice peaceful state in which you will always remain over the time. So first of all, these activities are useful for people with nervous professions, as well as for those who for any reason are under constant stress or just a hot-tempered.


The emphasis here falls on the tendon because the Chinese sages thought that the most part of vital energy is there. You must constantly keep muscles in shape because over time they grow old, but the tendon can remain resilient at any age. It is truly a magical coincidence that the practice developed in ancient times is so suitable for modern requirements. Such training cannot be named boring, because each activity has its inner meaning, and understanding of it provides an opportunity to dive deep into you.


Of course, having been engaged in Taoist yoga a person does not simply walk on trainings but also changes his attitude toward the world and to himself. He begins to respect and to love his physical body and starts to give him the necessary and nice load of useful exercises.


This is a new page of life when false values ​​are replaced with genuine. Sometimes you may think that eating some junk chocolate or drinking a Coke will give pleasure to your body. But soon after the start of trainings the realization that the body cannot get joy from the harmful comes. Along with this realization a real harmony and a healthy, eco-friendly attitude towards their body and soul comes.


You will begin to truly care for each cell of your body and will start to think before engaging it in senseless conflicts and also will start to improve the quality of life!

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