Baby yoga: asana for the little ones

7 Jul 2012, 11:41
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As it was said before, the instrument of yogi is rich and diverse, that modern coaches are increasingly turning to an ancient practice for inspiration. The result of their fruitful work is different areas of yoga, adapted to the life and values ​​of modern man. The yoga for pregnant women was created firstly. With a time babies were added to the trainings. It was the beginning of baby yoga... 

baby yoga

Types of yoga


This thought occurred to an Englishwoman Francoise Freedman in the 90s. By this time Francoise managed to build academic career as a physician-anthropologist at the University of Cambridge, and to give life to four children. This symbiosis of a doting mother and a talented scientist did baby yoga possible.


Francoise based here own method named Birthlight Baby Yoga, the purpose of which is the relation regard for motherhood as a miracle and magic. It is a peculiar attempt to regain motherhood its natural purity and beauty.


The most original feature of the innovative method of Friedman is its integrity. The fact is that in the East it is accepted to perceive the spiritual and physical life as a system of certain views, which is closely related to each other.


For example, if a person decided to practices yoga he lives according to its canons, ranging from the everyday meal and ending the system of values. But in the West it is allowed to practice some elements of an eastern system. Francoise managed to create a whole system program, which received the most enthusiastic responses from around the world.


Baby Yoga is a pair activities for mom (or dad) and baby, allowing them to know each other better and enjoy the miracle of communication. Of course, a strong emotional bond with the child is formed in commonplace, but these activities allow the ephemeral contacts become more harmonious and positive.


In addition, this technique is simply indispensable for today's mothers, who are often very tired and cannot properly organize their own time in the first months after child birth. Baby yoga is based on the clear understanding that only healthy, happy and able to rest mom can enjoy and grow with her baby. Constantly interacting, mother and child give each other positive energy.


Friedman calls it a principle of "the spiral of joy", according to which the mother helps the child to experience positive emotions, and the child in turn returns them to the mother. And so on to infinity!


Tools of this method are very rich: vinyasa (asana combined with correct breathing), dry massage (no oil), pranayama ― breathing practices, working with voice and sound (the so-called nada yoga) and total deep relaxation. These methods were created and perfected over the years, and now tireless Francoise makes more interesting and new additions. Enjoy it!

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