Ten killers of heart health

13 Feb 2012, 10:49
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1. Smoking 

black tribal womenThe "Silent Killer" is also the most ruthless. Cigarette smoke contains up to 26% carbon monoxide, which gets into the bloodstream, binds to hemoglobin ― the main carrier of oxygen.  

So there is an disorder in delivery of oxygen to the tissues. Nicotine damages and constricts blood vessels, causes an interruptions of local blood circulation and pressure boosting. Smoking increases the effect of other cardiovascular factors of risk. The benefits of quitting manifest at any age. Cigarettes are killers of a hearts' health.



2. Spirits

whiskey1 g of pure alcohol contains 7 calories. Alcohol is the king of calories: for example, 100 grams of vodka contains about 250 calories. At the same time alcohol has no essential nutrients, but just excess calories that become an additional burden for the heart.

Furthermore, regular consumption of liquors may lead to a sharp increase in blood pressure, heart rhythm disorders, various disasters of vessels and, as a consequence, to myocardial infarction.

3. Beer 

beerThe most devastating consequence of excessive consumption of beer is the syndrome of so-called "beer heart", when it sags, becomes flabby and barely pumps blood.

However, it should be recognised that the greatest effect on the heart is the content of cobalt in beer (beer-foam stabilizer). It disrupts the heart and the saturation of beer with carbon dioxide. Getting into the body, the booze has positive effect on varicose veins, increases the borders of the heart. At the same time beer alcoholism is formed quietly and deceptively.


4. Salt


Consumption of any amount of salt delays the liquid (water), making it difficult for the heart, increases blood pressure and causes swelling. For the prevention of disease you must limit the salt content of up to 4 grams per day and eat more food high in potassium (tomatoes, bananas, grapefruits, oranges, potatoes). Undoubtedly, salt is "white death".

5. Arterial hypertension 

arterial preassure measuring device

For many people, the disease is asymptomatic. However, high blood pressure has adverse effects on  target organs: increased weight of the heart, blood vessel walls thicken, rapidly developing atherosclerosis. Eventually, two dangerous complications might develop: acute myocardial infarction and the high risk of stroke.





6. TV

tv boxExcessive TV watching can be fatal even to healthy people, not to mention sick ones. Scientists have proved that every hour spent in front of screen, increases the risk of death from heart disease by 7%. Those who are sitting in front of the "box" for 4 hours a day, die of heart problems by 28% more often. The connection between TV-obsession and heart ailments remains stable after taking into consideration other risk factors ― lack of exercise, obesity, poor diet and smoking.

The reason is that those who watch TV more than 90 minutes, blood pressure rises for 5-7 units. The regular pressure rises when you watch TV and it’s enough to have a negative effect on the heart. The researchers argue that 8% of deaths cases could be avoided to cut TV watching to 1 hour a day.


7. Cholesterol 

Heart health and nutrition

fried eggs with bacon

It s unanimously agreed, that human body needs cholesterol. It is used in the synthesis of hormones, vitamin D, bile acids, which are essential for digestive system. However, we need to keep a low level of cholesterol in the blood. The high level of cholesterol itself causes no symptoms, that's why people are not aware of its effect. Excess cholesterol deposited in artery walls and lead to the formation of plaques that narrow the lumen of blood vessels and... developing atherosclerosis. Large quantity of plaque and thrombus may completely block the artery, consequently stops the normal circulation of blood through the vessels. The violated delivery of oxygen and nutrients to organs and tissues takes place, which leads to gradual death of the latter. If it happens in the heart, myocardial infarction develops, when in the brain ― it's cerebral infarction or risk of stroke. 

So try to move more and avoid food that increases a cholesterol level: hot dogs, sausages, mayonnaise, dairy products, meat, etc.
8. Obesity

obessed child

People who are overweight more often have high blood pressure. Excess weight also contributes to the development of angina ― chest pain, which occurs due to the reduction of oxygen in the arteries of heart, leads to a sudden death from coronary heart disease and stroke, without any symptoms. The connection between overweight and risk of coronary heart disease is quite complicated. Being overweight increases the risk of hypertension, lipid metabolism disorders, diabetes mellitus. All of illnesses mentioned above increases the risk of ischemia.
9. Physical inactivity

lady on sofa

Physical inactivity contributes to early development of heart diseases. Sedentary lifestyle doubles the risk of early death and leads to obesity, high blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Physical exercise have a beneficial effect on the course of atherosclerosis and lead to a reduction in total mortality. Good regular outdoor activities, especially those that are in addition to the nervous system also strengthens the heart muscle: running, walking, swimming, skiing.


10. Sauna

sauna towels

Effect of sauna on cardiovascular system indicated an increase in heart rate. It reaches 100-160 beats per minute, that is by 60-70% higher compared with a normal heart rate. Such a load is absolutely not safe.

In addition, the sauna is often reduced blood pressure, sometimes there is vasomotor collapse (sudden expansion of the vascular bed). It's not dangerous for healthy people, but patients with cardiovascular disease.

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