Breathing exercises for heart health

4 Jul 2012, 15:24
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Do you know and use exercises for heart health?


Ten killers of heart health

psychedelic pictureA lot of people ask me how I get the ability to hold different asana in yoga. The secret is in a proper breathing technique. With its help you can do any asana exercises and just improve your health. Due to special breathing system yogis gain control over their life force (prana ― energy, yama ― control).


People with a weak heart get a special benefit from pranayama (breathing exercises). This kind of exercises fits into the stormy life of modern man, which finds it difficult to get soome time to do long-term static pranayama. These exercises might be beneficial for older people and for those who are recovering from illnesses. Moreover, it would be helpful for healthy people as well. While doing pranayama, you strengthen your heart muscle, lungs, increase energy and vitality.


This breathing practice should be done during a walk on a fresh air. Relax and start to breath slowly and deeply, counting steps.


Make sure that there are no pauses between inhalation and exhalation. Start with a two-minutes breathing exercises; afterwards breathe in the free rate for 10 minutes. If any discomfort appears, quit the exercise immediately. Take a rest and continue the exercise again, but try to make your breaths exhalations shorter. Experiment a bit and you will find the most comfortable rhythm for sure. 


It might be interesting to learn one of the basic breathing exercises ― the full yogic breath. The aim here is to breathe from the abdomen after exhalation. Exhale in reverse order. If you want to breathe like a real yogi, you should try to make an inhalation and exhalation as long as possible.


Heart health and nutrition


Pranayama breathing works better with an empty stomach. Drink a cup of tea or cacao before walking if it is difficult for you. This is a very important rule: you need to start breathing exercises no sooner than six hours after ingestion. Instead you can arrange a snack in half an hour after the exercises. Therefore, a favorite time of all who practice pranayama is the early morning or pre-dawn hours. This is a time when your energy begins to waken and the benefits increased by several times.

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