Treatment of pneumonia

16 Feb 2012, 14:25
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What is treatment of pneumonia?


Everything that was important in the prevention stage, becomes even more important in the development of pneumonia. Whatever you were told you can't be permanently cured, it requires the use of pharmacological means. 


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x-ray scanning

The most important here is the choice of antibiotic, its dose and method of ingestion. It should be noted that the injection of the antibiotic by sticking needles in the buttocks is not absolutely necessary – at least 80% of all pneumonia cases are successfully cured with pills and syrups. 


Errors in the treatment of influenza


In addition the use of antibiotics drugs enhance the bronchus, with the help of aminophylline, vitamins, and, of course, a complex of expectorants. The condition starts to improve, at least immediately after the normalization of body temperature and as the result of active use of variety of physiotherapy and massage. These events significantly accelerate the healing process.


Sometimes you need a second X-ray scanning – to make sure that everything finally "melted away". I'm not going to name any specific antibiotic that you might want to take in order to treat the pneumonia itself.


Anyway, to talk about the treatment of pneumonia is not only ungrateful, but also risky. The main thing for us is not just treatment – let the doctors think about it. The very fact that you or your child has suffered from pneumonia can be the basis for serious reflection.

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