Recovery from pneumonia

16 Feb 2012, 14:37
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Pneumonia is probably the only disease, recovery from which is just as important as treatment. I understand that as soon as you feel better, you might want to return immediately to the normal life. But do not rush, because pneumonia is very insidious. 


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Recovery from pneumonia includes several phases, during which  patients definitely need to perform all activities prescribed by physician for a speedy recovery and avoid complications. The first stage of recovery from pneumonia is the observance of strict bed regime, but it happens very rarely. The second phase of recovery is the regular bed rest. Then follow the ward and free modes. 


Once a person got ill with pneumonia, after four days spent in hospital, she was prescribed therapeutic exercises. The temperature of the patient should not be above 37 degrees, and well-being should be satisfactory. The patient goes to gymnastics, breathing exercises and rehabilitative massage.


In addition, we have to adapt to the usual pre-illness physical activities, to be ready to get back to normal life. Patients at this stage have to do therapeutic exercises, walking and massage. We recommend walking up and down the stairs at a moderate pace. Classes are held in physical therapy when the patient standing or sitting, when all groups of muscles are affected. Therapeutic healing: walking up the stairs begins when you've made ten steps, each day the number of stages should be increased by five.


The first day of the rehabilitation phase should take about five hundred meters, every day the distance is increased by one hundred meters. Once the patient is discharged from the stationary conditions, it is necessary to follow him home. Those patients who are difficult to weigh their own rehabilitation period may apply for assistance to clinics or to pass this stage in sanatorium.

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