Myths and legends of ancient flu virus

16 Feb 2012, 14:52
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What did not you hear today about the flu virus! I'm not talking about the world conspiracy theory and other scary stories. But what we hear daily about the flu is nothing more than a myth. So, boys and girls, it's time to learn the truth about the disease, not to say unscientific nonsense and, of course, to protect yourself from the virus.


Myth 1.If you have a fever, you have to climb under the covers and sweat.


under the towel

Creeping under the blankets, we maintain an artificially high ambient temperature, which makes interfere with the temperature of our body. Because of this increases the workload on the heart and blood vessels, which can cause palpitations, shortness of breath and even pressure surges. In addition, lowering of the temperature in this way is impossible. On the other hand, gently lower the towel in a cool water (may be with the addition of vinegar) and a cold compress on the forehead. In general, when you are sick, it makes no sense to wrap up – it will be enough clothes in which you feel comfortable. After all, breaking a sweat, we are under the risk of catching complications, because it becomes subject to any draft. 


Errors in the treatment of influenza


Myth 2. Sore body have to warm up.  

Strong heating will remove the pain only for a time, and actually increase the inflammation, especially if it is severe and in the more purulent form. When acute sinusitis is developed, accessory sinuses of nose clogged with snot, tissue heating can cause the infection to spread rapidly and may even hurt the brain.


Myth 3. Bed rest is required.

bad sleep

The fact is that in the supine position a ventilation of the lungs and bronchus prolonged, and it could cause to stagnation. And considering the fact that the infection gets down from the top down the airway, the risk of getting bronchitis or pneumonia is higher to those who stuck to bed. By the way, there is even such a diagnosis ― "congestive pneumonia", which often invades those who remain permanently chained to the bed. After surgery, for example. So walking around the house is not forbidden for the sick. But what is really no good is the draft.



Myth 4. To defeat the virus you need to eat much.

child obesity

Of course, if this myth correct or not depends on what you're going to eat. For the digestion of protein and fatty foods requires to consume too much energy and time. And all the powers of the body should be directed on fighting the infection. So the amount of nourishing food reduces it to a minimum. On the other hand there are products that are easily digested and do not stay long in the gut: fruit ― especially all citrus fruits, fresh and steamed vegetables, boiled and stewed fish, juices, vitamin fruit drinks. 


Can cigarettes cause the flu?


Myth 5. The benefits of raspberry tea.

raspberry tea

Raspberry do contain a small amount of salicylic acid. Because of its properties or brewed raspberry jam (in a lesser extent) has antipyretic and diaphoretic actions. But at the same raspberry is contraindicated for diseases of the heart ― can cause arrhythmia, and reduces the performance efficiency of the kidneys. And the last: don't treat yourself! If you have a cold which doesn't pass for a long time, be sure to consult your doctor, as symptoms may be indicative of developing complications. Flu is very rich in complications ― from bronchitis and otitis to pneumonia and meningitis.

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