Errors in the treatment of influenza

16 Feb 2012, 14:46
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What errors will be in the treatment of influenza?


We used to blame the doctors for all our uncured illnesses. But just think about it ― you may find yourself doing silly mistakes, trying to recover from the flu by yourself. 


Treatment of pneumonia

treating the flu


Doctors suppose that many complications occur as the result of the flu and blame the patients themselves. That's why you should strictly adhere to the rules of treatment, which will contribute to faster recovery, and not to worsen health. Here's  the list of what you shouldn't do if you are ill with influenza.



Antibacterial drugs have no effect on influenza virus, but stress the already tense human immune system. They can be taken only with doctor's prescription, if there is a risk of secondary bacterial infection. In general hot drinks increase the temperature during the flu and it will only hurt.


Recommended to drink plenty of room-temperature liquids. Sponge oneself down with alcohol, ginger and vinegar or warm themselves with alcohol. In alcohol rubdowns antipyretic effect is not great, and alcohol in terms of influenza complicated fighting with an illness for a immune system.

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