List of food supplements, that are harmful to health

17 Jul 2012, 14:31
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Nutritional supplements can do wonders: to give an attractive appearance and to enhance the taste of the conventional product, and even to extend its shelf life. In former times the names of harmful food additives have been written on the label in its entirety, but it took up too much space, so in 1953 it was decided to replace the full names of these chemicals with alphanumeric codes.


The code is usually contains the letter E (from the word Europe), indicating that the product contains any food additive (additives), which is in the International classification system (ICS). Under this system, harmful food supplements combined into different groups according to the principle of action. Groups are denoted by numbers preceded after letter E.

nutritional supplements


According to numerous tests these food supplements bring irreparable harm to the health. But many people do not have the habit of looking at the label while buying groceries at the supermarket. We do not pay attention if the harmful food additives are included in a product. Maximum what we can do is to check the expiration date. And few people know that a daily intake of these harmful substances can lead to dire consequences such as cancer.


What is the diet nutrition?


The main harmful food supplements are divided into:



Plant juices and berries, crushed flowers, petals, infusions and extracts were formerly used as colorants. Today, the majority of colourants is synthesized by chemical means, and with long-term consumption can cause a variety of effects, from allergies to cancer. Colourants are usually added to soft drinks, ice cream, pastries and cheeses.



Preservatives can extend the shelf life of product. They can also be natural, but in most cases the synthetic substances are used. Natural preservatives are not generally posing a health risk. But you must be very careful in dealing with synthetic preservatives: asthma, headaches and deterioration of genetics are the results of their use. A consumption of nitrate can cause oxygen starvation of the body.



Nitrites and nitrates include in these additives. They are used to preserve longer freshness of food, and are also responsible for maintaining the taste and nutritional qualities of the product. Substances form a special connection in the human gut ― nitrosamines ― which may cause a cancer.

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