Is Chocolate good nutrition?

8 Feb 2013, 17:00
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Chocolate is such a phenomenal food because nutritionally it's really good for you. In its raw form it's so high in antioxidants that most other types of food can hardly be compared. Except antioxidants there are many other substances in chocolate that make it such a good nutrition.

For example, chocolate contains atomic magnesium, so one of the reasons the ladies crave it “that time of the month” is because magnesium relaxes the body. It's even called by some health experts “the relaxation mineral”. Magnesium can be found all over your body, but mainly in the bones, muscles and brain.


Here are some striking numbers. There have already been described more than three and a half thousand medical conditions connected to magnesium deficiency. Magnesium takes part in over three hundred enzyme reactions. About 65 percent of people admitted to the intensive care units are found to be magnesium deficient. Finally, deficiency in this valuable micro element makes you twice as likely to die as the people without it according to the study by Garrison M. Tong in the Journal of Intensive Care Medicine.


Except for magnesium, there is a chemical in chocolate that has been called by some people “love chemical”. I'm talking about PEA (phenethylamine), the natural occurring in the brain endorphine that takes part in the neurotransmitting and neuromodulating processes in your nervous system. This particular chemical sort of mimics the feeling of “being in love” in your body. Probably that's why chocolate and love are so closely tied together in our imagination.

Although now, after several scientific studies have taken closer look at the chocolate's contents, it has become known that not much of the chocolate's phenethylamine can reach brain due to its specific metabolism in stomach, you still should be able to benefit from it. And it means, better mood, positive thinking and self-confidence. In addition to this chocolate is also a strong aphrodisiac. This adds to the “love chemical” story a whole new spin.


Also, if you are looking for the biggest nutritional bang for your buck, then the high percentage cacao, 70 percent or higher, as well as raw chocolate, is gonna be the most nutritional value.


One thing is when you look at the ingredient list, you want to make sure that chocolate itself is the main ingredient. Sometimes, it's all sugar, which means that it's just a lower quality chocolate. It means that it has much lower nutritional value.


The flavonoids in dark chocolate are associated with anti-aging effects in the skin and brain. Beside phenethylamine, there is one more chemical in chocolate that can seriously affect your mood and emotions.


It is theobromine which, unlike in humans, can cause toxic reactions in our pets, cats and dogs. That is why your little fluffy kitty turns away so confidently when offered chocolate.


Dark chocolate appears to be a valuable source of epicatechin and gallic acid, which are good for your heart having some cardioprotective properties. If a person consumes quality dark chocolate in moderate amounts regularly, it is believed, such person is under much lower risk of heart attack.


How about your younger sister's favorite milk chocolate? Well, when adding milk and sugar to chocolate, it simply starts bringing the nutritional value down. That way you get more sugar. And with white chocolate you obtain almost none of the nutritional value that is associated with chocolate.


According to BBC report, slowly melting some chocolate in your mouth translates into the increase in brain activity and heart rate that is greater and more prolonged than the one produced by passionate kissing.


After all being said, my advice to you is get the highest quality kind of chocolate one day, really savory one, and slowly try to enjoy it. Be present in your mind and body when you try it, and you may be really surprised how little it takes to start feeling the change.

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