Benefits of a high protein diet

24 Jul 2012, 15:11
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Benefits of a high protein diet


There are a lot of views regarding protein diet. It is admired for the opportunity to lose up to eight pounds, without feeling much hunger, and at the same time openly criticized for its imbalances. Let us try to figure out who is right.

benefits of a high protein diet


As a name implies, the main ration of this diet consists of protein-rich foods. These are meat, eggs, dairy products and fish. In general, the protein diet may be in two versions. Proponents of a strict protein diet believe that carbohydrates should be totally abandoned.


According to them, well fed body without carbohydrates suffers from hunger and begins to exhaust its own reserves of carbohydrate. Weight loss begins due to this process. But doctors say that it is impossible to give up carbs completely, as only a balanced diet is possible for the health. Trouble is inevitable if we eliminate at least one of the elements. Sitting on a strict protein diet you run the risk of seriously worsen the condition of your hair, skin and nails. Therefore, a gentler version of the diet is a balanced protein diet.


What is the diet nutrition?


Here is an example of such diet:


Breakfast: 6 egg whites baked with spinach, three tablespoons of oatmeal and baked apple with cinnamon. A cup of tea or coffee without any sugar or milk.


Second breakfast: portion of chicken fillet (150 g.), cooked on the steam and three tablespoons of buckwheat.


Lunch: broth with 100 grams of meat and any vegetables except potatoes.


Afternoon snack consists of 200 grams of cottage cheese with salad.


For dinner you can eat a slice of steam fish with green beans.


You can drink a cup of yogurt or a protein shake before going to bed.


Protein diet is especially effective if you combine it with the exercises. Such diet has its contraindications: advanced age, kidney problems, goiter, and gout. It is also known that the protein diet is very heavy for kidneys. The more protein you eat, the faster is the work of the kidneys, and your body loses too much fluid. To mitigate this side effect somehow, try to drink more pure water.

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