How to bring mobile technologies and science together

6 Nov 2012, 18:21
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I remember the time being a dentist student. Although, it's been around 35 years ago, the trace of my university studies still haunts me. I know how hard it was to study a piles of theoretical literature on dental practice. Numerous night have been spent to, at least, read all that stuff. Last time when I was a student my dream was to make my studies more or less interactive, easy and effective. To my chagrin, there was no high-technologies available at that time. So, my plans was somehow ruined with the absence of a technical ability.


Times was changing and I had to start my dental practice. Now I'm having a private cabinet in Bolton, Greater Manchester. For nearly 25 years, I've been acquiring knowledge through dental practice in different parts of Manchester and Lancashire.


For 4 years in 90's I was teaching dental students in School of Dentistry in University of Manchester. Frankly speaking, now, I'm 55 years old and I think it is time to share my knowledge and skills with somebody who would value them. Unfortunately, my sons didn't want to be dentists at all. That is why, I revived my idea of helping dental students using modern technologies.


I actually did not want to invest a lot of money into this project. I was thinking about it partially as a fun way to share my skills with other students. As far as I remember, it was pretty problematic to find some spare time to think about how I can make my idea happen.


In 2008 I bought my first Android device and this changed my understanding of modern technologies. I figured out that mobile technologies expanded the borders of science, medicine and life, of course. Thus, I came up with an idea of developing an mobile application for dental students, where they can find theoretical information along with a set of most common dental surgeries. There would be a comprehensive set of video lessons, with proper explanation of what should be done during the surgery. I was thinking about adding a quizzes part where students can observe their progress. This application should have included a interactive 3D map of human jaws with all of the tooth. Thus, students would get the opportunity to use their skills right in their smartphones. The idea seemed to be perfect, but there was one problem: I've got no idea how to make it work. To state succinctly, I had no skills which might have helped me to make a mobile app. Because of the lack of resources I dropped this idea.


It took like half a year before I came up with another IT-project. Recently I became a member of a new social network Youcure.me. It is all about healthy life. You can make your own blog there, read the most recent medicine/health news and what was the foremost for me ask and answer questions. So I started my own dental blog here, wrote a couple of general articles on dental practice, while concentrating on Q&A section. It is crucial for me to share my knowledge with people who really need it. Besides, I also got a couple of new patients via Youcure.me (surprisingly enough there is a bunch of user from Manchester and suburbs).


After a while, I discover a thrilling feature of Youcure.me: you can construct your own application. Moreover, as I figured out this service is completely free. The most amazing thing was the fact that you can make an app without any special skills in computing, IT-technologies and stuff like that. I was told that it is possible to add virtually any components to your application. Youcure.me team would also help to develop a unique, user-friendly design of the application. Primarily, my app were meant to concentrate on frequently asked question concerned dental health along with in-app diagnostics. Afterwards the user receives two options: if a potential patient lives in Bolton or inside Manchester area, he can make an appointment in my dental clinic online via mobile application. Otherwise, an interactive map provides a list of the nearest dental offices around his area. What seems to be a significant feature of my application is that other dentists can use it after paying a little fee (10 pounds), so that patients from other location can find their services faster and make an appointment to their dentistry.


Eventually, this application developed into a rather huge database of dentist services in Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Yorkshire and Merseyside. We made some sort of online dentists community where professionals and patients receive and opportunity to communicate effectively without any limits. I should point out, that I've never expected such a strong interest in my work. Thanks to Youcure.me I fulfilled my desire to share knowledge and help others; plus received a profound financial benefits along with advertising of my services.

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