Two-faced banana diet

1 Aug 2012, 16:53
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You need to prepare your body a little bit before start sitting on the banana diet. You should give up fatty, fried, sweet, salty and smoked foods the day before starting of the course. Instead, eat cereal, cooked in water or light vegetable broth. Banana diet means eating only the choicest, freshest fruits.


Bananas should be neither green nor too ripe. They should look appetizing and not have any visual defects. If you buy unripe bananas, you can bring them to the necessary standard. It is enough to hide the fruits in a dark place for a couple days. The fruit must be thoroughly cleaned before use, removing not only the peel, but the band ("threads"), adjacent to the fruit. There are two categories of the banana diet: gentle, which lasts seven days, and rigid, which lasts three days.

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Diet to get flat stomach


In gentle diet eating a half kilogram of fresh bananas a day is allowed. Green tea without sugar or lukewarm water is preferred. The distribution of the banana norm for the whole day does not matter. When the hunger becomes irresistible, you can afford a small portion of porridge cooked in water or a small piece of boiled meat .


Another option is to eat two boiled eggs for the whole period of losing weight. Despite the number of consumed fruits, light diet can lose up to one kilogram a day. If you have chosen a rigid diet, you have to eat one banana thrice daily. At the same time before, after or during a meal you will need to drink a glass of skim milk. Instead of milk you can eat yoghurt. For variety, you can make smoothies, or purée in a blender mixing bananas with milk or yoghurt.


Over the whole cycle you will lose about three extra pounds. The main advantage of the banana diet is a good cleaning of the intestine, allowing normal metabolism. Do not return to the abundant absorption of fat and sweet food at the end of the cycle and you will not come back to your previous weight for a long time.

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