Supermodels diet. Skinny secret

4 Jul 2012, 15:34
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Is there anyone who knows the secrets of skinny body better then supermodels? Being always elegant and fit they are proud to show off their perfect bodies without the slightest hint of cellulite, breeches and similar women's issues.


Of course, while typing with trembling fingers query in any searcher you expect to find the exhausting diet of eating only a lettuce for a month. But reality is not so horrible. Diet system of models is based on general rules, which are known to everyone. The only difference is that those diets are rather permanent.


Hollywood diet


Everyday ration of model is as follows.


Breakfast must be rich in fiber. It could be bread with bran, or wheat flour toasts. They definitely need to add yogurt or a vegetable omelette.


You need to eat frequently during a day but in small portions. Nuts are the most popular among models, especially cashews, hazelnuts, almonds, because they contain vitamins and amino acids. Fruits and vegetables are also the essential part of the menu. They drink a lot of water (around 2-3 litters).


Tea and coffee are also in this list. But if models need to reduce weight in short term, they resort an express-diet. But it should be taken into account that such methods are harmful to apply more than once a month.


Still it is very effective! You need only three days to see the results.


The ration is next:


  • Breakfast: soft-boiled egg
  • Three hours later: 175 g. of cheese, a cup of tea without sugar
  • Three hours later: 175 g. of cheese, a cup of tea without sugar

The main advice of models is to spend these days in the fresh air and drink a lot of water, and then the diet will be carried more easily. Every model has its own secrets of maintaining a slender figure.


In my opinion, the most interesting examples to follow are models in after pregnancy period. They manage to get back in shape in record time! For example, Victoria’s Secret angels were defiled on podium right after a pregnancy period in such unbelievable form that society has recognized them to be more stunning than ever before.


Well-known supermodel Heidi Klum has lost 16 kg. for several months, thanks to her diet which consists of sauerkraut. Heidi`s lunch is oatmeal with fresh fruits and a cup of nonfat yogurt.


Diet to get flat stomach


Moreover, you can afford a little slice of bread from wheat flour with a tiny piece of soy meat and parsley leaf. All this must be washed down with brine of sauerkraut. If there is a desire to snack between breakfast and lunch, you can eat sauerkraut in any quantity.


Meal might include pancakes with sauerkraut, cooked according to the recipe: 2 tbsp. l. of sauerkraut, 40 g of weak smoked ham, 1 grated potato and 1 egg. You can complete the meal with a salad of the same sour cabbage, mixed with grated apples and carrot. You can eat sauerkraut soup with potatoes and parsley, and braised cabbage with beets and fish for dinner. Do not forget about your individual needs and do not be afraid to try a variety of diets. I am sure, you will find your own diet.


Remember that all should be done in moderation and with health benefits!!!

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