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6 Jul 2012, 18:03
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English diet is just for you if you really decided to lose about ten pounds in a short period of time. English nutritionists developed a special system of food combining diet, which lasts for 21 days and promises a significant loss of weight nearly 12-15 pounds!

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Quick diet: be ready for summer


First of all, you should refuse to eat some products during these three weeks. Any flour products (the only exception is the black bread in small quantities), sugar and any confectionery, salty, fried foods, pickles and smoked, salt, alcohol and carbonated beverages, potatoes, sweet fruits (bananas, figs, grapes) are forbidden to eat. It is obligatory to drink 1,5-2 litters of water in a day.


Magic Japanese diet (menu)


The thing is in a strict separation of proteins consumption. 21 days of diet are divided into 4 groups hungry days and vegetables day and their alternation.


The alternation need to be in the following way: first two days are hungry one, then 2 protein days, 2 vegetable days, 2 hungry days again and then more circles due to this alternate. The alternation should be done strictly in that order during 20 days. The last 21st day will be the exit from the diet. Try not to eat after 19.00 o’clock. And of course the traditional five o’clock is not forbidden.


“Hungry” day.


You need to drink a litter of skim milk, a glass of tomato juice and eat 150 grams. of black bread during the day. All this wealth should be divided into 5 portions and stretched through the whole day.


“Protein” day.


You can eat a slice of black bread with butter (no more than half of a teaspoon), half of a teaspoon of honey for breakfast. For lunch: 1 cup of meat broth, 50 grams of cooked meat, a small piece of black bread, you can also add 2 tablespoons of green peas. As a snack you may drink a glass of milk. For dinner: 50 grams lean ham or 2 boiled eggs + a glass of buttermilk.


“Vegetable” day.


Breakfast should consist of one orange and two apples. For a lunch, get yourself a cup of vegetable broth, a moderate portion of vegetable stew, piece of black bread. For dinner: 150 grams  of green salad + cup of green tea.

It is better to arrange a "milky" day on the 21st day of the diet (day release). You can drink buttermilk, yogurt, milk, and a low-fat cottage cheese or a slice of low fat cheese.


This diet can be repeated only two times a year.If you are a fan of sport and cannot imagine yourself without exercises  then seriously think about selecting any other diet. Because you can only afford a brief moderate exercises during the English diet. Polivitamins are also advised.

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