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13 Aug 2012, 11:04
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To maintain a flat stomach and avoid fat folds on sides it is necessary to limit amount of daily food intake and give up all high-calorie foods. Doing some belly muscles exercises regularly is a must.

flat stomach with pierced belly buttonTo maintain a flat stomach and avoid fat folds on sides it is necessary to limit amount of daily food intake and give up all high-calorie foods. Doing some belly muscles exercises regularly is a must.


A smart way to choke your hunger is with small frequent intakes of food, having a very light snack much more often than you are used to ― every 2-3 hours is a good practice. Fruits, especially citrus fruits (oranges, grapefruit, lemons, with no sugar) are well suited for snacking. It`s great if your daily diet will include all kinds of vegetable salads. Of course you should stay away from salt, sugar, sweets and all refined foods.


Drinking plenty of water  and green tea is a compulsory requirement in nearly every method of weight loss you will find. Diet for stomach is no exception. It is better to cut down on the consumption of alcoholic beverages and coffee.


Diet for flat belly should exclude sweet and fatty foods, as well as all other food that are considered high in calories. You should eat low-calorie seeds as rice and buckwheat; kefir diet is effective also.


The diet must include cereals because they contain fiber, and vegetables (zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes, greens, etc.). If none of these techniques suits you, you can come up with your own diet satisfying these general guidelines.


Diet based on blood type


Other important tips for maintaining flat belly are the following.


Curb salt and sodium

Water is attracted to sodium like a magnet, so when you’re heavy handed with the salt shaker, or you eat sodium-rich foods like bread, or soy sauce, you’ll retain more water, which can leave you looking and feeling puffy and bloated.


To alleviate water retention or prevent this effect, choose high potassium foods, including avocado, papaya, mango, banana and cantaloupe. Potassium is a natural diuretic, so it helps flush out surplus sodium and fluid and de-bloat your body.


Avoid carbonated drinks

I adore sparkling water and all natural seltzer, but the little bubbles that add pizzaz can cause your belly to swell like a balloon filled with air. Instead, stick with flat water, sip on hot or chilled ginger tea, or add fresh grated ginger to your green or black tea, water, or meals. Ginger has a calming effect on your GI tract and can help reduce gas, which adds to belly bloat.


Eschew alcohol

It may seem counterintuitive to avoid alcohol to prevent bloating, since it’s dehydrating, but alcohol’s diuretic effect can trigger rebound water retention, leaving you feeling puffy and swollen. Instead, stick with water, but to make it feel special, add fresh sprigs of mint, slices of lemon, lime, or a few mashed berries.


Nix gas producers

While they’re incredibly healthy, if you want to avoid bloating, steer clear of gas-producing foods, including broccoli, cabbage cauliflower, cucumbers, onions, Brussels sprouts, celery, apples, and beans.


Each naturally produces gas, triggering an expansion of your midsection. Fruits and veggies less likely to create this effect include carrots, zucchini, bell peppers, cantaloupe, grapes and berries.


Sidestep surplus carbs and sugar

Your body has the ability to store roughly 500 to 700 grams of carbohydrate as glycogen, energy “piggy banks” your body stockpiles for fuel. Some glycogen is stored in your liver, but most is stowed in muscle, and for every gram you stock away, you also amass about three grams of water.


When you eat more carbs and sugar than usual, you retain more glycogen and fluid, which leads to a spike on the scale and a bloated feeling.


While I don’t recommend avoiding carbs altogether, there are healthy ways to keep them in check. For example, make veggies the main attraction in each meal, along with lean protein, a little healthy fat, and a small portion of a healthy whole grain.


Avoid “bulky” foods

Foods that take up a lot of space in your stomach, like big salads and popcorn, are healthy choices most of the time. But if you want your stomach to look flat, your best bet is to keep your portions small, and reach for fruits and veggies that take up less space in your stomach.


These are cooked carrots and unsweetened, preservative free dried fruit (a half cup of cooked veggies is the equivalent of one cup raw, and a cup of fresh fruit shrinks down to a quarter cup when dried). You’ll get a healthy dose of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, without a lot less belly distention.


Thwart air-expanders

Skipping meals, eating too fast, chewing gum, sucking on hard candy or mints, and drinking through a straw all cause you to swallow more air, which can get trapped in your belly, creating a poochy look. To avoid it, don’t let more than five hours go by without eating, slow down, chew your food well, take your time with meals and snacks, and nix the other habits.


Stay away from spicy foods

I’ve fallen in love with hot peppers and fiery spices, from jalapenos to harissa, but they can irritate the GI tract and increase gas production. Prior to baring your belly, keep your meals simple, and reach for GI-soothing herbs and spices for seasoning, including mint, rosemary and cinnamon.


As it was said above it is necessary to combine diet with at least some physical loads. These exercises match diet for flat belly perfectly.


Exercise 1.

Sitting on the chair, straighten your back, lift your legs and grab the seat. Turn the raised leg to the right and left.


Exercise 2.

Sitting on a chair, move the legs together and pull out your hands. Straining the abdominal muscles, exhale, bend forward and touch the flour with the hands. Inhale again, exhale and return to starting position.


Exercise 3.

Lying on the floor, bend your knees. Lay hands behind the head. Lift the body and drag your head to the feet. Bending over return to starting position.

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