Diet based on blood type

6 Jul 2012, 11:15
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jolie vampire styleHow choose diet based on blood type? Every human body is a unique system. That is why it is important to select your own eating system.


Some of us can eat a lot of calories at day and night without any visible results while other must to follow strict regime. And even than there are no guaranties of a good metabolism. The most individual diet can become the solution of this problem.


Diet due to your blood group may become one of such healing formulas. The essence of it lies in the fact that a person does not have to limit himself in a food. Moreover, there is no need to calculate every calorie. That is why this technique can be safely put in the field of healthy nutrition.


A bit of history

Blood of the first Homo sapiens was related only to one blood group – the First. Many years ago the only human meal was meat.  With the advent of agriculture the vegetable food has appeared in life of our ancestors. This was the beginning of the Second blood group. People unwilling to stop on reached have mastered the domestication of animals. Namely the consumption of milk contributed to the emergence of another blood group –  the Third group. The last Fourth group formed in result of the end of tribe’s migration period and a combination of the two previous groups.


English diet


Blood groups and diet


beef and spices

The First group. We can easily call such people “hunters” because it was their ancestors who ate only meat. Despite the enormous amount of time separating the first meat-eaters and their modern counterparts, the basic principle of food has not changed. The main thing is to eat a lot of meat, fish and seafood. In the fight against excess weight lettuce, broccoli, spinach and radishes will also be reliable allies. Thus, it is necessary to limit yourself in eating cereals, cabbage, sugar, potatoes, ice cream, citrus fruits, beans, wheat, corn and all kinds of pickles.



vegetable complex

The Second group. The descendants of the first farmers are the most promising vegetarians. All that is unacceptable for "hunters" diet, will be taken "with a bang" by the representatives of the second group. Almost all kinds of vegetables, legumes, cereals, fruits (except citrus), soy, fish and low-fat milk products can easily digest by sensitive body of these people. At the same time you have to abandon turkey, chicken, ice cream, peppers (any kind), wheat, sugar and dairy products.






The Third group. This group includes individuals who are the most adapted to the environment. Their immunity is high and the ability to adapt any changes in the diet makes these "nomadic" practically omnivorous. Eggs, fish, meat, cereals, dairy products, vegetables (except pumpkin, corn, olives), fruits and legumes will help these low-maintenance individuals to stay in shape. The only thing which can cause difficulties in digestive system are pork, chicken and seafood.


Water diet will prepare you to summer!


cheese diet

The Fourth group. The most rare and late subspecies of the meandering through the veins of man liquid includes the advantages and disadvantages of the second and third groups. In this case blood group diet is the most appropriate and democratic.


The meat (except bacon and ham), fish, dairy products, cheeses of all kinds, nuts, grains, vegetables, salads (except olives, peppers and corn) and fruits (except citrus) will be beneficial and will save you from unwanted pounds. But red meat, buckwheat, wheat, corn, peppers is not recommended.

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