Buckwheat diet: just add kefir

19 Jul 2012, 16:04
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diet buckwheat porridgeOne of the advantages of buckwheat diet is that you can eat in unlimited quantities throughout the 14 days of losing weight. In this case the person loses between 7 and 12 extra pounds! In addition, buckwheat displays the body of toxins and replaces them with vitamins and minerals. And the presence of calcium helps to strengthen teeth, nails and hair.


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Preparation of diet buckwheat is not particularly different from the normal buckwheat. Fill the cereal with boiling water on the night (better to wrap it with a blanket), in the morning you get a ready-made buckwheat, retaining nutrients. Add no salt, sugar (can be substituted by a glass of water with honey), butter and spices. Nutritionists recommend eating low-fat yogurt in addition to buckwheat, but not simultaneously. The interval between yogurt and buckwheat should be around one or two hour. It is better not to drink more than one liter of yogurt during one day. Due to the abundance of vegetable protein in buckwheat, the rejection of meat and fish should not lead to weakness or fatigue.


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Drinking large amounts of water (at least 2 liters a day) and having last meal 4 hours before bedtime are important points of buckwheat diet. At the end of the second week of buckwheat "mode" you can gradually return to your usual diet. Prior to this, you can add dried fruit to buckwheat in a small portion. Raisins, dried apricots and prunes will help satisfy your hunger and to absorb food.


The main disadvantage of this system of weight loss is its monotony. Let`s be honest, not all of us have strength to eat a buckwheat every day for two weeks... Moreover, despite the usefulness of buckwheat, it does not contain a number of essential body nutrients. For this reason, experts recommend to take a multivitamins while losing weight. They say that the weight turns back very rarely. In any case, after a couple of months, the procedure can be repeated. Your body will only be grateful for this.

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