What is color therapy?

10 Feb 2012, 15:46
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Do you think that colour therapy is one of the new psychological trick? You're wrong: it is a well-known practice since the ancient times. Science has proven that colour stimulates and alters the biochemical reactions in human tissues, influences and certain brain regions, primarily in the pituitary gland.


Colour therapy also help in  treatment of certain types of cancer. This in turn, produces specific hormones that  responsible for metabolism, sleep, appetite, physical and emotional well-being, sexual arousal, mood, etc. In connection with this, medicine has learned to use the colours for the improvement of human health. 

color therapy

The combination of colours in the rainbow spectrum of a certain sequence, their brightness and rotation, taking into account the specific symptoms of the disease can safely and gently influence the well-being and make it better by eliminating the neuroses and depressions . Colour therapy helps to achieve harmony with oneself and the world, for example, colour can soothe, relieve tension and pain, lower blood pressure, insomnia.


Tango therapy


Back in the late XIX century, a famous physician Niels Finzi opened an Institute of photo-therapy in Copenhagen. In the beginning of XX century, he was awarded the Nobel Prize for the treatment of complex systematic disease with light beams. These studies were the beginning  of light therapy.


Bioptron is a device which produces a polarized polychromatic light, which has a pronounced bio-stimulating effect on human cells. And just to cheer yourself up, you can, for example, surround yourself with things of a certain color, wearing clothing of that color that you are attracted by, eating foods of that color that you need.


Aromatherapy and depression problems


What colour will help you with this? 


Blue. It helps in relieving stress and anxiety, it lowers blood pressure, calms.


Purple. Strengthens the immune system and calms the nervous system. People who are prone to seasonal depression should not be abused with this colour.


Green. Relieve heart pain and help to cope with a headache, it normalizes blood pressure and helps with nervous breakdowns, fatigue, chronic fatigue syndrome.


Red. Excellent effect on the heart, stimulates the immune system, speeds up metabolism. Not recommended for people with high blood pressure.


Yellow. Has a positive effect on  the nervous system and strengthens it, improves vision, helps to control weight, helps to get rid of the obsessional thoughts, and strengthens the sense of optimism and gives confidence in your abilities.


Orange. Useful for violations of the gastro-intestinal tract, contributes to the functioning of the thyroid gland, stimulates the appetite. 


The power of music


We always have a choice. A colour therapy helps us to make this choice beneficial. Working with colour, think about happiness, love, pleasure and wealth, joy and success, and you will feel the surge of strength and vigour, harmony with yourself and with the world, while learning to get rid of negative emotions, focusing on the positive and joyful. Let your body relax.


Changing view on life, negative to positive thinking, you change yourself, opening new opportunities provided by your life. Colour therapy can help you with this and can become your loyal assistant for every day.

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