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10 Feb 2012, 15:18
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Can I cope with depression without pills? Modern medical science has reached good results in the production of quality medicines.


But the question is about the quality of life. I can't imagine any interference in the human psyche, which would have no adverse effects. It's like an alcohol. At first, it seemed to be helping locally. But in fact, a person is deprived of willpower that is needed in order to solve the problem.


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Drugs in the case of mental disease muffle not only negative emotions, but also positive feelings. They jammed it all. And there is a danger that this will turn into a kind of addiction. The stronger the medicine is, the greater risk of addiction may occur. "As soon as I feel bad, I take a pill.


" But maybe you just need to talk to someone? To listen to music? Or to take a walk? It is extremely important to choose the most effective way of treatment. I am neither an opponent of drugs treatment nor a supporter. However, I strongly against psychotherapy. You can get addicted to it, as fast as to drugs. Still, my opinion is that a person must still go into the world and live independently.


The Best legal antidepressants 
The fact that antidepressants may have a negative impact on the sexual life of males has been known for a long time. But researchers have questioned whether these causes the change of the brain's chemical balance, or some certain  side effects, such as blunting of the senses and a deep influence on romantic love and long-term attachment.


No one knows for sure how antidepressants affect the patients, but one consequence is known for sure is " suppression of emotions." Statistics says that 80% of patients may have less to cry, worry, angry and concerned about the feelings of others. However, this study suggests, that in the absence of sex there is no release of a key brain's hormone associated with love and lasting affection. All this may lead to the fact that while taking antidepressants it would be rather difficult for man to fall in love.

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