Understanding depression

10 Feb 2012, 15:53
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It is the law of human existence. Our mind is depressed periodically, as a result of our stormy activities, under the load of dumped problems. Don't be worried about as if it were some serious disorder. Instead try to perceive it as a protective function of the organism, which just want take a break for some time. I assure you, that there is nothing wrong with you. Moreover, understanding of sources is important. 

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All of your sadness, all of your increased anxiety, doubts, your frustration are just a defensive mechanism of your body to your rigorous activity. You don't need to have any pills , alcohol or overeating.


Be patient. Continue to live as you lived and do what you were doing, but... don't hurry. You are taking too much on yourself, and it's not bad, it's normal. But now you should rest a little. It's quite possible that you'll suffer some material loss as a result of your depression, but that's okay too. Soon you will catch it up.


Moreover, your depression will leave you in peace soon. Usually, it is lasts for three days. The main thing that you shouldn't do during the depression is producing sick ideas. But it is precisely the first thing that people began to do as soon as they are depressed. It turns out that the person starts to think about serious issues at the very moment when he must not have done do it.


Thinking is the process which differs us from animal world. And it's totally normal to think about the meaning of life, the purpose of its existence and so on, but... not when you are sick or are depressed. Good luck!

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