The Best legal antidepressants

10 Feb 2012, 15:42
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This question is still the hottest: how to cope with depression and whether there is a strong need to take antidepressants. After reading this blog, you'll get the answers for both questions and be pleasantly surprised. Perhaps the best antidepressant is right next to you?

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Sex without a condom


Scientists from the University of New York found out that sex without a condom is the best cure of depression for women. It turned out that women who prefer sex without a condom are less likely to be depressed. Just a good mood passed from man to woman by chemical means. After all, it contains chemicals that act as the best anti-depressant. And women, who prefer unprotected sex, easier to tolerate periods of complete absence of sex and less liable to commit suicide: 4.5% vs. 13.2%. 


Slow Life




Fitness is one of the best antidepressants. After all, regular exercise help the body and soul. With the aid of fitness you can get rid of the sluggishness of the body. Both women and men feel more attractive, when visit fitness classes. A better look for a man ― it's always a good mood, a desire to communicate, to buy new things, to reach new heights. So, fitness is almost always helps to cope with depression. 

painting therapy




Want to get rid of depression? Try to watch a good movie. Someone likes tearful melodrama, some bloody horrors, and someone else forgets about depression by witty comedies. Wept, laugh or be scared, and the problem seems not so serious. Of course, I can't skip music. Music is one of the most powerful cure from depression. Just turn on your favourite music at full volume and dance ! And if angry neighbours come to you, so, you will be able to tell them about your troubles, and cry on their shoulder :)


Colour therapy




Scientists in Cambridge have found that regular coffee consumption reduces the risk of depression. Therefore, psychologists recommend drinking a cup of flavored beverage at breakfast. It turns out that the caffeine in coffee is one of the best antidepressants. A die-hard coffee lover doesn't suffer from depression. Admit it, the magical aroma of freshly brewed coffee will lift out of bed even the most depressed and disillusioned man.

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