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10 Feb 2012, 15:47
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Slow life is a social flow participants which consciously slow down their life to make it brighter and more harmonious. Stress at work, life is like one big rush job and you don't remember the last time you were smiling heartily and had rest? Maybe you should switch to slow life – bring the joy back into your life and feel happy.

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The motto of the slow life is to enjoy every moment of life, to renounce vanity, not to hurry and build your schedule at the inner but not social hour. Being a director of your life, rather than a spectator. Proponents of slow life are learning to seek a balance between the cases and the need for recreation, socializing and enjoying simple pleasures, such as dinner with friends, walk with a loved one, a trip to relatives, meeting with ​​best friend and so on.


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The basic precepts of slow life:


1. More spontaneity ― less planning.

2. When you are in a hurry or worry, stop, count to 10 and make five deep breaths.

3. Don't take on a lot, because you are not responsible for everything in this world.

4. Don't be afraid to spend time doing nothing.

5. Try to share a great deal on a few small cases.

6. Look at the stars and sunsets. Most go for a walk without a purpose, so you can fully enjoy the ride.

7. When you walk with your friends and loved ones, don`t think over every word. Be yourself.

8. Feel the taste of what you eat and drink. Don't rush during the meal.

9. Don't be afraid of loneliness. Use this time to know yourself.

10. Take care of the child within yourself, that is his baby face of you. This will help you to keep the youth of the soul.


Admirers of slow life are recommended to include item "time for yourself" in your list of urgent matters. And every day, give yourself a break to pursue a hobby, whether it's reading books, cooking, makeup, knitting, growing house plants and more. In addition, enjoy classical music , pictures, taste new food or drinks, relax with aromatherapy , as well as try to protect your muscles from stagnation, regularly attending dance classes, stretching, aqua fitness or any other.

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