Aromatherapy and depression problems

26 Jan 2012, 11:35
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If you aren't against aromatherapy, you can calmly use this method. You can invigorate yourself with bergamot, cedar (it also strengthens the immune system), sandalwood... You can drip oil in aromamedalon and enjoy the fragrance during the day. And for more results you can use the oil burner... It  really helps! My nose is the main way of communication with the world(((:

aromatic herbs and oil

Sick or not sick – what is depression?


The unique power of smell is used to improve mood and general well-being since ancient times, when people thrown a variety of herbs into the fire, which helped to eliminate the stress state. Today, treatment of flavors presented in various ways: by adding flavourings to the tea or coffee, enjoy your favourite fragrance and, of course, the treatment by essential oils. All these methods have the same goal ―to improve mood and health, and also to relieve you from exhaustion.

The popularity of aromatherapy as an effective remedy for depression is increasing every year. First of all, an oil is absolutely harmless to health and may be used at all ages. 



Secondly, aromatherapy, "not interfere" in the normal functioning of the body, and therefore, unlike drugs, do not change the hormonal balance. The correct application of various flavors will make you forget about the problems, may help to relax, to be fed with vital energy to solve all problems, improve skin tone and even to cure diseases of individual organs or systems. 


What is color therapy?


Rosemary, bergamot, lavender, juniper, frankincense, molasses, nutmeg, geranium are currently used for aromatherapy as a remedy for depression. These herbs can be added to the water when taking baths, can be burned as a candle, can be added to drinks, massage oils or perfumes. In the end it is worth noting that odour treatment ― this is the original and, at the same time, harmless way to beat depression.


Favourite pleasant aromas helps to get rid of the bad mood, tone up, improve overall health condition. And of course, we can be treated with music . The bells had a curative effect, increases the body's resistance. The curative effects of musical sounds produced by Tibetan singing bowls, gongs sound and vibration is proven. This property is based on sessions of music therapy.

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