Teeth whitening options

9 Feb 2013, 18:21
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Amazingly, bright white teeth are no longer luxury accessible for the Johny Depps and Britney Spears of the world. Beautiful celebrity smiles are now easily achievable with the help of various at home whitening products, and due to greatly reduced costs of in-office procedures.

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After hearing my optimistic words you may start feeling truly enthusiastic, but before you commit, let's go over the options available.

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Teeth whitening can be prescribed by your dentist as an at-home treatment to reduce the costs. It will be somewhat cheaper that in-office treatment with a price ranging from three to seven hundred dollars. The home-whitening kit will include custom-made mouth pieces that are special trays able to precisely cover your teeth, and a gel-type whitening solution.


The custom-made trays are the most essential part for the at-home whitening process to work effectively and safely. Depending on how much bleaching you try to achieve and the kind of kit, you either wear it for a couple hours a day or leave over night for a weak or two. I must warn you, while all professional bleachings will whiten your natural teeth, they won't whiten any existing dental works like crowns, veneers, caps or bonding.

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Somewhat less effective, but more wallet-friendly whitening option is over-the-counter whitening rinses, strips, or toothpastes. They contain the same or rather similar peroxide whitening ingredients that your dentist would use, but at substantially lower concentration.


At-home over-the-counter whitening products are effective for minimizing stains and blemishes caused by drinking coffe and tea or smoking. Your bright white smile will last up to one year, so you will have to repeat the whitening process more often with these tools.

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While whiter and brighter teeth do always look nice and impressing, there are minor  side effects. The hydrogen peroxide can easily aggravate temperature sensitivity of your teeth.


The over-use of at-home whitening products can actually wear away the tooth enamel also leading to increased sensitivity. Sensitivity is temporary in most cases, otherwise, if it persists you should talk to your dentist. Also, since the over-the-counter products do not contain custom-made mouthpieces, there may be portions of the teeth that do not get bleached leaving you with an uneven colour of the enamel, and even irritated or bleeding gums.

bright light whitening

Professional in-office procedures are the quickest, safest and most effective. The only downside is the price. They are the most expansive. The expected price per procedure ranges from 500 to 1200 dollars for a full mouth, sometimes it may even go higher than that.


The results of such procedure last from one to three years. Doctors use a special whitening solution (containing peroxide agent) and a laser or a bright light significantly speeding up the whitening progress, so it can be completed in one visit. Usually, the bleaching solution is applied multiple times to achieve the best results.

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