A story of my breakthrough

6 Nov 2012, 19:00
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Until recently, I've been wary of all the new technologies. It seemed to me that all the new mobile technologies are utterly useless and were made just for having fun and make new devices sold. Of course I'm using Facebook, e-mail and other web-instruments, but I've never thought of them as a way of developing my business. The same applies to the mobile technologies.


Some time ago I came across Youcure.me – a website, or, to be precise a social network, where people concerned with health and related issues, including cosmetology, brought together. I've found a lot of new information, clients, and, what is crucial, established new contacts with people.


After a month using Youcure.me I found the level of users' support very good. That is why I decided to try their free mobile application constructor. First of all, I was amazed by the fact, that Youcure.me team explained me how mobile technologies can benefit my business and, of course, professional growth. It seems they are really love what they're doing and want to make the world of application development closer to ordinary people like me. They do appreciate the knowledge and ideas I possess. Eventually, I decided to try their services.


As an entrepreneur, I always wanted to make communication with my patients better. When a client got a casual question or some serious problem and can't reach me via mail or phone it doesn't say anything good about the level of my service. That's why I came up with an idea of developing a mobile application that can make my cosmetology services work better. With the help of Youcure.me developers team I have created my own Android application called ScanMySkin.


Basically, it is looked like a list of different diseases with illustrations, symptoms, and the possible treatment. In case you have some skin problems or your hair doesn't look good at all you may wander what is the problem. ScanMySkin helps you to make a preliminary diagnosis yourselves. However, that doesn't mean you don't need the assistance of health professionals anymore. My application just was to help calming yourself down and think of the possible diagnosis. At first ScanMySkin was, so to say, an app for my clients so they could have some sort of 24 hours company support.


That is the reason, why I didn't want to make my application available on Google Play. Of course there were other goals: to make my every customer feel unique and build a strong, long-lasting relationships with customers. This idea of providing the best service for my customer was driving me towards the mobile technologies.


Surprisingly enough, ScanMySkin became very popular among my clients so they started to recommend it to their mates. 'It is time to move further', I thought and decided to publish my application on Google Store. Actually I didn't count on a warm users' welcome: my application wasn't as good as it could have been. It takes like a month and 3 releases to make ScanMySkin better.


With a considerable help of Youcure.me developers I added a set of good features: online shop where everyone can buy my own products (salves, ointments, different kinds of mask for body, hair and face) having only a credit card or PayPal account. If the user don't want to pay for the shipping or want to make a homemade mask ScanMySkin provides a huge list of homemade recipes.


ScanMySkin now is 6 month old. It has a considerable amount of downloads (almost 25,000) but I still find it unattractive to charge some money for the app. Instead, I got more clients, the sales of my products is growing. I created my own blog at Youcure.me and write concise articles about cosmetology.


I would like to thank Youcure.me team for open my eyes on the mobile applications world. It is definitely a priceless experience for everyone – from entrepreneurs to a casual person having some skills and knowledge.

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