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15 May 2013, 06:23
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Women use eyelash extensions because they think their own eyelashes are too thin or too short. Also, there are women that suffer pathological loss of eyelashes (due to general body sickness, vitamin deficiencies, freeze burns, chronic stress or fungal diseases).

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In this case, it is strongly recommended to be fully recovered to undergo such procedure.

Modern eyelash extensions slightly differ from sticky methods used 20 and more years ago. Our moms glued eyelashes to the eyelid skin applying a single layer.



Nowadays, extension procedures can really vary, from applying a special rubber-based adhesive glue and then planting the bundles comprising of 2-5 artificial eyelashes, to adhering separate eyelashes (Japanese extension) made of sable or mink fur, silk or nylon.


With new revolutionary eyelash materials, Japanese manufacturers were the first to conquer the modern market; later, China and Korea got into this commercial race.




Eyelashes fill your image with romantic aura pointing out femininity and expressiveness.
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Different length lashes can amplify the naturalness and serenity of the eyes. For this effect, apply medium and short length lashes to the middle of an eyelid, whereas longer eyelashes should go to the lid's sides.

Customizing eyelashes' density in different parts, helps to change shape of an eye visually expanding or narrowing it, and lifting or lowering the eyelid corners.

Applying eyelashes on both upper and lower lids will make you look more trustful, producing effect of defenselessness and sincerity.

There is no need to dye and remove eyelash ink twice a day, or curl it.




Short-term lifespan.


Eyelash bundles can stay attached only for a fixed period of time: about three weeks. After about 3 weeks your own lashes will fall out disconfiguring the artificial ones calling for corrections.


Increased lashes brittleness.


Additional weight on lids and contact with the glue can make them fragile and lead to eyelash loss.
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Raised risk of allergic reactions.


They may be caused by both low-quality materials and individual intolerance. In order to avoid swelling and redness of eyeballs and eyelids, tearing, itching and other annoying after-affects, it is strongly recommended to ask a cosmetologist for more information regarding the procedure and chemicals used.


Deceptive naturalness.


In most cases, darker and brighter artificial eyelashes can be easily distinguished from natural ones, which have different length and density. Artificial eyelashes manufacturers produce various types, colors and sizes, so it might be useful to check out the entire range of available products and also ask a cosmetologist for advice.


Some restrictions should be strictly followed.


  • try not to touch anything with your new eyelashes;
  • restrain from dyeing and wetting the lashes;
  • do not expose them to high temperatures and humidity during 48 hours after extension procedure (artificial eyelashes loss may occur within a week after the procedure);
  • avoid tanning salons as well;
  • do not use fat containing creams as they can dissolve adhesive.
  • do not rub your eyes or wear lenses;
  • do not undergo eyelash extension if your eyes or surrounding areas are inflamed, irritated or injured.


After all being said, there are many other alternatives available on the market, for instance, coloring, perming, applying LVL Lash, eyelashes flexing and eyelashes tattoo. Using these techniques you can make your eyes look unique and attractive as well.

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