Benefit of vitamin С against Alzheimer's

30 Jan 2012, 19:04
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Scientists from the Lund University, Sweden discovered the benefits of vitamin С. It can dissolve toxic protein clusters which are formed in the brain in Alzheimer's disease.

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The results of experts research were published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry. The authors explained that the activity of people with Alzheimer's disease increases the amount of beta-amyloid peptides which are accumulated in the form of plaques in certain regions of the brain. They may cause the death of nerve cells. A part of them suffers from neurons located in regions of the brain responsible for memory.  


Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is vital for the human body. This vitamin is not synthesized in our body, so we need to to replenish its stock regularly. It is necessary for maintaining the strength of bones and connective tissues (collagen protein synthesis), the endocrine system (synthesis of adrenaline and other hormones) and to free radicals which lead to premature aging. 


Tips on Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia


Vitamin C helps iron absorption, which helps to fight infections and has antiviral properties in the immune system. It turns out that the majority of Earth's fauna is able to produce ascorbic acid (the scientific name of vitamin C) from the glucose.


Human (and some primates), in this sense is an exception: we can get this vitamin exclusively from the outside with food. The greatest amount of this vitamin is contained in the dog rose, oranges (juice of one orange fills the daily ration of vitamin C), cabbage. A sweet pepper, sea buckthorn, black currant also have a lot of this vitamin.

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