Alternative tips on Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia

30 Jan 2012, 19:08
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I want to share some tricks that may allow you to treat this situation easier and with more fun.


It is sad but my grandmother has Alzheimer's disease and dementia. When I tried to google on how to take care of her, I haven't found anything except some general advices. In this blog I've tried to share the experience of my family and to approach this problem creatively.


Сare for patients with Alzheimer's disease

old couple


We support our grandma as a family and that's what we came up with. Every family got a bunch of dusty albums of pictures. So we've asked granny to identify people on pictures and sign at the speed of a who's who. Of course, we said that it was only for a family tree. And grandmother got down to business. She started to call relatives, make inquiries, gather materials, generally spread her frantic activity. And her state of mind improved! 


Treat your family with love and use imagination. The patient is often have some favourite things (soft toys, cushion), sweets (apple, tea, honey), occupation (flipping the album, listen to music, knitting). Take an advantage of his/her predilections or to calm down. In general, pay attention to your patient's personal characteristics ― they can help make care fun and enjoyable process for you and for him/her.


Also, watch for his eccentricities ― maybe there are anything dangerous about it? For example, my granny also likes to walk around the supermarket, looking at different boxes, read compositions. Of course, most importantly, don't let her go there alone. In general, it's pretty harmless hobby, which greatly raises grandma's mood.

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