Open relationships

23 Jul 2012, 19:21
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Open relationships is a kind of relations between men and women who by mutual consent can flirt, make light novels and even have sex with other people. This is a very controversial thing, because there are both pluses and minuses in such relationships.

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Open relationships are quite having the right to exist, but it's pretty serious challenge to our views and principles, so that both partners should make this decision and need to approach it with great responsibility.


Most often, open relationships are relevant for those who are not ready for marriage, or for taking the responsibility, as well as for couples who are tired of the monotony. Ideally, two people just love each other and treat it very easily and naturally, without the tyranny, jealousy, excessive demands and claims.


This freedom does not mean that you should definitely run and seduce all the individuals of the opposite sex, or, even worse, compete in the number of sexual partners. Nothing  should be done just for spite or with bad emotions...


If you do not manage to get the excitement it means that you just are not ready for open relations. And truly saying there are not so many people who are ready for it. A fear of losing a loved one or be alone, as well as various proprietary instincts, which is not easy to overcome are the main obstacle in the free-relations. Incidentally, some of the installation laid into us at the genetic level, so do not force yourself in any case.


First, you must realize that not only you will have freedom but your partner as well. You have to be ready for it. Secondly, you need to preserve respect to your partner and be on the first place for each other. For example, you can have fun with any number of other people, but if your partner needs help or he just wants to see you, you have to postpone the meeting and all of the stuff. Of course, to feel okay in open relationships, you need to live your life: to communicate with friends, have hobbies, to be self-sufficient...


The main plus of the open relationships for both partners is undoubtedly absence of addiction to each other. Because this is an addiction, which creates all negative sides of relationships. It may cause jealousy, betrayal and constant quarrels because of a glance in the direction of the opposite sex. If you really can have such an easy relation to your loved one, open relationships would become a total fiesta for you.


Perhaps that is why they often continue for a long time and please both partners. In my opinion, the biggest drawback of such relationships is a great risk of losing a loved one who really exists, as it turns out that you are pushing him/her into the hands of another. If you're really attached to each other much more than sexual attraction is unlikely to happen. In general, by means of the open relationships you can open the door to a new world view, but only if you are not cunning and are truly ready for them. Otherwise, you can suffer greatly. So, beware before plunging into the joy of freedom!

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