Love addiction

20 Jul 2012, 12:37
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broken heartLove addiction is a very strong kind of addiction which takes its beginning in a deep childhood. Danger is that too much situations may cause such dependence. Practically every problem with parents in a childhood may be a reason for love addiction in adulthood. If a child felt him like an odd in parents couple or had very close relations with one of the parents without good contact with another one, or if he had sexual abuse by adults or felt himself lonely and unwanted, the addictive disorder can be the result of such childhood problems.

Open relationships


Sometimes love addiction gets the romantic colour, but it is fundamentally not true. It seems that people are in love so much that they cannot live without each other any day. In fact, such relationships are made only to break both partners and in most cases turn into an ongoing conflict. The addicted person becomes very jealousy, and this has nothing similar with the fear of a healthy person to lose a loved one during a real threat. For a dependent person it does not matter if he has any cause for jealousy. In other words, all the visible manifestation of a strong passion is actually come from the strongest desperation, rather than true love.


love relationships

Addicted person is actually frequently suffered from low self-esteem and painful response to the evaluation of others. He does not believe that he can be loved just the way he is. Such person always tries earning the love of another person, or to suffer a lot.


What is a codependency?


If a couple has only one dependent, the second person, as a rule, sooner or later breaks up the relationship. Then the addicted person is in a state of utter confusion and begins to hate his former passion. Such people often drink too much, become drug addicts, or even going to commit suicide.


Only a qualified psychologist or therapist can help to cope with this problem.

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